Lip Blush

Lip blushing focuses on altering both colour and shape to create younger-looking lips.

Everyone’s lips are different, and there’s no one standard. If you would like to change the appearance or colour of your lips, then lip blushing might be right for you.

Lip blush replaces your everyday lipstick and is a semi-permanent tattoo that places pigment along the lips.

It can really give your lips a pop. No more smudging lips. No more touching up throughout the day.

The treatment can be applied super thick or as thin as your own natural lips. It’s just to fill in the lips to create the illusion of thicker, more voluptuous lips.

A lip blushing procedure is similar to lip tattooing.

First, your provider will numb your lips so that you’ll feel less pain and discomfort. While you’re waiting for the numbing agent to take full effect will go over your desired lip shape and tone.

Next a natural-looking pigment is inserted into your lips using small needles. This is done in multiple layers to help create an even tone.

Price: $550

The treatment takes 90mins.